President Frankie Wai started Canada China Council of Commerce (CACCOC) in 2010.

As early as in 2004, President Frankie Wai had started introducing Vigour Beer at Shaoguan in GouangDong Province to the Canadian Beer industry. The idea was to introduce Canadian beer to the Chinese market in China through Vigour Beer. For 4 years, Mr. Bill Sharpe of Northern Brewery had made trips to Shaoguan established, produced and launched the North Star beer at Shaoguan. Unfortunately, the market back then was not ready for a western beer yet.

President Wai had been in the helmet of the President of The Cross-Culture Community Services Association (TCCSA) for 7 years before passing on the Presidency in 2009. During the years, Mr. Frankie Wai had expanded the services of the Association 2 folds in terms of funding from three levels of Canadian Government. The TCCSA funding amount increased from 1 million to over 4 million per annum and service locations from 3 locations to 4 locations. Service locations service area from 800 sq. m to a total of 3,500 sq. m.

Since 2007, President Wai had took the lead to hold immigration workshops in China through TCCSA, visiting 5 cities every year. These workshops help new immigrants or immigrants-to-be understand more the Canadian Culture and Living. Most important of all, information on where new immigrants could get help after they landed in Canada. These workshops had been recognised by both Canadian Government and the China Government as an important information section for the Chinese Community. 2009 and 2010, President Wai had introduced the Canada China Overseas Study Forum, bringing Canadian Universities workshops to major cities in China. This gave the opportunity for Chinese students to learn more about Canadian Universities.

Here, President Wai would like to give the greatest appreciation to Hon. Jim Karygiannis for his support to most of the projects mentioned.

韋勇 會長 2010年創辦中加貿易投資發展促進會。

早於2004, 韋會長已就廣東韶關活力啤酒廠希望引進外國品牌, 提升產品質量而努力過, 為此花了4年時間, 帶領加拿大北方啤酒總裁 Mr. Bill Sharpe到韶関訪問, 後合作於韶関釀成北極星啤酒品牌推出巿場, 後因巿場未及接受而告終

韋會長曾出任多倫多華人社區服務協會(多華會) 會長長達7年,其間多華會從8千平方尺發展至韋會長離任時的35千平方尺,而所得的撥款亦由1百多萬增至4百多萬加元。

2007年,韋會長亦曾多 次帶領多華會的會董及工作人員到中國舉辦移民加拿大安居資訊講座,到達之處有北京、上海、大連、成都、福州、廣州等。此行動打開了加拿大歡迎中國移民之門,同時亦能 使中國新移民了解更多在加拿大發展新生活時可得到更多的帮助。此舉得到兩岸政府的認同及官員的帮助,令這講座能發展至現在。2009年及2010年韋會長亦曾率領加拿大 大學團隊到中國舉辦加拿大大學展,得到完滿効果,給中國學子親身接觸多所加拿大大學的機會。


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