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Prefecture of Messinia     希腊  麦西尼亚州  的优势

Euripides called Messinia “the land of the good fruit” for its beauty and its fertile rich earth. Messinia, the land of the Olive Tree and of the Olive Oil, yields the world famous Kalamata Olives and Kalamata Olive Oil, particularly the Messinia Olive Oil, a 100% pure and natural fruit juice of the highest quality and of unique nutritional value, which has been ranked in the category of Extra Virgin Olive Oil after a series of chemical analyses.

欧里庇斯 "Messina 好果子的土地"是因为它美丽的环境和其肥沃的土地。Messinia 被称为橄榄树之乡,出产世界著名卡拉马塔橄榄和卡拉马塔橄榄油,尤其是 Messinia 橄榄油,是100% 纯天然果汁包含着其独特的营养价值,经历一系列的化学分析后,一直排名於特纯初榨橄榄油中的最高质量。

The olive tree, a sacred tree, has been cultivated in Messinia since the 12th century BC. Archaeological excavations in the palace of Nestor, the ancient king of Messinia, have brought to light evidence that show the enormous importance of the juice of the olive tree for the society of the time. 

All of Messinia is a vast Olive Grove. Propitious climate, sunshine and small holding, which allows each grower to take loving care of each olive tree and to pick the olive fruit when it is mature enough yet not too mature, are responsible for the superior quality of the fruit itself. A large number of modern olive presses run by people who have a deep knowledge of the secrets of the production of olive oil lead to the creation of a superior olive oil

橄榄树,被当地人誉为神圣的树,自12世纪公元前已栽种於 Messinia。内斯特宫古代国王的 Messinia,在内斯托尔考古发掘中,证据显示古代        国王时代,橄榄树汁对当时社会的影响已极为重要。 Messinia 所有的是庞大的橄榄园区。得利於当地的气候、阳光、小区制度,允许每个种植者热爱种植橄榄树,能於果实成熟时挑选最优质橄榄果实,代表着产区內果种本身的优异质量。凭着自古以来对橄榄的认识和累积的丰富经验,加上现代助化的压榨机械设备和技术,生产出极品的橄榄油。


Kalamata, drenched in sunlight and kissed by the blue sea, is the capital of Messinia. Built at the feet of mount Taygetos, it has been standing there since Byzantine times. Its port, the largest in the prefecture and the southernmost port of mainland Greece is bustling with life. It is a modern city with 54,065 inhabitants, still bearing the marks of its history. For long years it has been known for its rich production and has gradually come to become one of the country's major poles of growth.

卡拉马塔,在灿烂的阳光下,被碧蓝的海轻吻着,是      的首府。自东罗马帝国  拜占庭 时代便屹立在         山的山脚下。这个在希腊大陆最南端的县显示著繁华的一面。它是一个拥有


Kalmata & Piraeus Greece

Extra Virgin Olive Oil     特纯初榨橄榄油

In a land famous for its olives, we consider it our duty to make the best olive oil possible.

This is the Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Messinia Union. A strong greenish hue, fruity bouquet, full flavor and lightly spicy tones make up their unique character. Rich in monounsaturates and antioxidants, they are our valuable health companions.



Available in 250, 500, 750 ml and 1 litre clear or colored glass bottles and in 5 litre metal containers.

可提供盛于 250 500 750 毫升和 1 公升透明或深色的玻璃瓶和 5 公升金属容器中。